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Test Your English

The Cambridge English Placement Test is a Quick & Free online adaptive test of general English, testing what your level of English is and which Cambridge English Qualification might be best for you. This test will recommend you the level which suits you.

Test your English

What People Say

My classes with ALLEN Career Institute have been awesome. I have been taking the classes for almost 4 months, once a week and I am really happy about my improvement. Now I feel more comfortable and secure when speaking English and more fluent, too.

Kuhu Narayan
KET, Kota

I have appeared for PET Cambridge English Exam this month and quite hopeful to secure good grades in the exam. This prestigious certificate would surely help me in my professional growth. I thank my teacher for all her patience and extraordinary enjoyment of teaching English.

Ananya Chaudhary
PET Mumbai

The classes are so much fun. On the first day I attended classes, I was overwhelmed because everyone could speak English better than me. So I thought that I wouldn’t be able to follow the classes. However, everyone is so nice. The teachers are also nice, so I’m glad that I can study with them.

Student 3
Paris, France

I take Cambridge English classes every Tuesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays. I am learning a lot and the teacher keeps me interested always in class. My grades are better and my parents are happy, so am I.

Student 4
Paris, France

A preparation for YLE-Mover Exam with trained faculty of ALLEN’s Preparatory Centre was a very nice experience. The course content is well designed. It helped me to interact confidently within and outside home environment. The activity method which involves pictorial reading brings us close to real life situations and helped me become more confident. My grades have started improving as well.

Student 5
Paris, France

I attended YLE – Flyer Exam last year. The lack of effective communication in English had been my weakness for many years. After attending Cambridge workshops, my communication in English has improved a lot. Earlier , I used to shy away from the situations where I needed to converse only in English. Today , I can easily communicate and make my presence felt in the crowd. Training methods used real life situations which really helped me to learn faster and become more confident.

Student 6
Paris, France

PET Exam has a standard of its own. PET exam teaches you to listen carefully, understand , read , write and speak correct English in practical situations. I had challenge in conversing fluently in English language. I could manage the language but felt the need to become better while reading English literature and also while writing detailed explanations of any subject.
Now, I have the skill to do this without any difficulty. This has made me a keen reader and my love for books has increased many times. The trainers conducted intensive sessions with a practical approach to learning. .

Student 7
Paris, France

Communication plays an important role in building relationships. PET Exam training has boosted my confidence many-fold. I can easily connect with anyone and present myself as a complete personality. The language barrier was biggest hindrance in my personal growth. The workshop methods involved mock tests which prepared me to connect to real life situations and I learnt to overcome all my inhibitions related to conversation in English.

Student 8
Paris, France

I enrolled myself for CAE Exam last year in Ahmedabad. The learning experience was fabulous. Teachers supported me in understanding and correcting the minor mistakes which frequently occurred during first few sessions. The detailed curriculum and practical exercises to build the fundamentals were very engaging. I could attempt the exam with ease and improved considerably in writing as well as speaking skills. Better equipped with the certification, I have applied for higher studies in a reputed foreign university and I am pretty hopeful to get a positive response shortly.

Student 9
Paris, France

I am a corporate professional in a software company. Although English familiarity was there with me, still I wanted to hone this skill further before applying for my M. Tech.
CPE Exam provided the right orientation in English language proficiency. I feel confident to handle intense business meetings, make impressive documentation on required subjects and conduct myself in a professional manner. I am using the acquired skill through the workshop in Bombay to my advantage in my occupation and otherwise
The classroom preparations were based on well chalked out methodologies and helped me to a large extent

Student 10
Paris, France